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With the surge of new technologies and the blending of traditional marketing, I remain on the cutting-edge of business solutions. Using traditional marketing practices alone are no longer effective. It takes a creative individual, with new and old media-blending know-how, to successfully leverage a company’s full potential.

For over 20 years I have used my professional marketing expertise, both in print and web design, to help businesses grow. Implementing content management systems, Saas, UX/UI design, digital marketing, and the newest social media strategies, were just a few of the skills that I’ve used to create digital solutions. B2B, B2C, retail, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, ebusiness, government, and non-profit sectors have reaped the benefits of using blended media.

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There’s a growing need for qualified marketers with “tech savvy”, But the problem being most professional marketers were schooled with traditional marketing techniques. CEO’s and marketers have a disconnect in today’s social media/digital marketing world, like speaking two different languages. The worrying part: while 73% of CEOs think Marketers lack business credibility and are not effectiveness-focused enough to generate incremental customer demand, 69% of the Marketers Fournaise talked to feel their strategies and campaigns do make an impact on the company’s business, even though they can’t precisely quantify or prove it – confirming the great CEO-Marketers disconnect.

The top issues CEOs have with their Marketers are:

  1. They keep on talking about brand, brand values, brand equity and other similar parameters that their top management has great difficulties linking back to results that really matter: revenue, sales, EBIT or even market valuation.
  2. They focus too much on the latest marketing trends such as social media, because they believe they represent the new marketing frontiers – but can rarely demonstrate how these trends will help them generate more business for the company.
  3. When asked to increase their Marketing ROI, they tend to understand it as cost cutting through better economies of scale or negotiations with their third-party partners and agencies, instead of top-line growth generation: more revenue, more sales, more prospects, more buyers.
  4. They are always asking for more money, but can rarely explain how much incremental business this money will generate.
  5. They bombard their stakeholders with marketing data that hardly relate to or mean anything for the company’s P&L.
  6. Unlike CFOs and Sales Forces, they don’t think enough like businesspeople: they focus too much on the creative, “arty” and “fluffy” side of marketing and not enough on its business science, and rely too much on their ad agencies to come up with the next big idea.
Don’t let the current need for hiring effective marketers stop you from hiring qualified talent. And just because someone doesn’t hold a degree in the field doesn’t mean they aren’t effective in growing business. The truth is, current “best in class” practices cannot be taught in colleges or institutions, by the time students graduate the rules will have changed. If you need an innovator that brings it all together, both traditional and innovative digital marketing solutions, I welcome an opportunity to speak with you. Contact me for a consultation at (937) 620-7839 or by email

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